Tickets to ALSO 2020

Earlybird tickets are still available to ALSO 2020, running 28th - 30th August: The festival that nourishes your neurons, rejigs your receptors and stimulates your synapses.

Please note that the last day to roll your 2020 ticket over to 2021 is the 1st August 2020.

Earlybird Weekend Tickets Price Link
Adult Weekend Ticket (includes camping) £105
Family Weekend Ticket (for 2 adults and up to 4 children, includes camping)1 £220
Single Parent Weekend Ticket (for 1 adult and up to 2 children, includes camping)1 £170
Child1 Weekend Ticket (includes camping) £50
Earlybird Day Tickets Price Link
Adult Friday Ticket £20
Adult Saturday Ticket £60
Adult Sunday Ticket £45
Child Friday Ticket £10
Child Saturday Ticket £30
Child Sunday Ticket £25
Volunteer Tickets Price Link
Volunteer Ticket 2 £50
Private Toilets Price Link
Private Toilet 6 £60
Hippy Heights Hotel Price Link
Double, fully furnished3 £280
Twin, fully furnished3 £280
1 double & 2 singles, fully furnished3 £310
2 doubles, fully furnished3 £310
4 singles, fully furnished3 £310
Merchandise Price Link
ALSO aluminium water bottle, 350ml - red £5
Cars, Campervans & Caravans Price Link
Weekend campervan/caravan pass4 £35
Weekend car pass5 £30

1 Children aged 8 - 17 inclusive. Children under 8 are free.

2 A volunteer ticket offers access to the festival in return for one six hour shift over the weekend. You must arrive no later than 6pm on Friday and be prepared to work whichever shift is assigned to you.

3 You will need tickets to the festival in order to book a tent at the Hippy Heights Hotel.

4 The Also Festival is run as a not-for-profit enterprise and, in order for us to break even, we rely on a certain amount of alcohol sales on site. For this reason, we ask you to limit the amount you bring with you.

5 The car park is at the top of the site and the walk down to the main site is a few minutes. However, we have car passes available which allow cars on site with camping next to the car.

6 Individual private toilets are available for you and your group. Their use will be exclusively yours, but you will be responsible for keeping them clean over the weekend.

If you have any problem with the ticket process, please e-mail us at or call 07875 948021.

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