Rasa Tea Ceremony + Movement Medicine - Saturday 8am

Ella, Rasa Teas

Join Ella from Rasa Teas for a Tea Ceremony + Movement Medicine. Rasa' is a Sanskrit word with many meanings - taste, essence, sap, the delight of the juiciest juice! This ‘sens-u-al’ experience will plug us into the intricacies of temperature, aroma, flow, resonance, and the unique taste of this Organic Earth Medicine: Chocolate Orange Rasa Tea. Enjoy immersing in the essence of cacao (sourced fairly from Chililique, Peru & Maya Mountain, Belize within an agroforestry environment) through the powerful practice of ritual. Stillness will be followed by somatic movement, free flow and a gentle yoga practice. All the asanas will be floor-based, to maintain this deeper connection with the earth. Please bring your own drinking vessel. 

Venue: The Barbara