Rasa Tea Ceremony + Movement Medicine - Saturday 6pm

Ella, Rasa Teas

Join Ella from Rasa Teas for a Tea Ceremony + Movement Medicine. Rasa' is a Sanskrit word with many meanings - taste, essence, sap, the delight of the juiciest juice! This ‘sens-u-al’ experience will plug us into the intricacies of temperature, aroma, flow, resonance, and the unique taste of this Organic Earth Medicine: Chocolate Vanilla Rasa Tea. Enjoy immersing in the essence of cacao (sourced fairly from Chililique, Peru & Maya Mountain, Belize within an agroforestry environment) through the powerful practice of ritual. Stillness will be followed by somatic movement, free flow and gentle yoga practice. All the asanas will be floor-based, to maintain this deeper connection with the earth. Please bring your own drinking vessel. This event has been so popular it is fully booked. Don’t worry though! Check in at info on the day to see if more space is available. 

Venue: The Ronnie