Parenting Mental Health - Creative Workshop

Suzanne Alderson & Tanja Sharpe

Suzanne Alderson, founder of national charity Parenting Mental Health, and author of Never Let Go, which supports parents of children struggling with mental health, and Tanja Sharpe, integrative counsellor, coach and Founder of Creative Connections, have joined together for a special creative workshop, designed to support you and your mental health. This 1 hour session will demonstrate the power of creativity for mental health and wellbeing, and provide you with some simple, creative ways to help you make sense of your emotions in a safe, fun way. This session can be done alone or with your child, but for one hour, it’s time just for you and could be exactly what your mind and body need. You don’t have to be creative to join either, we’ll help show you how creativity manifests for you.

Venue: The Ronnie

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Saturday 9:00am | Free event, but you'll need to book: