Make a simple macramé plant hanger

Katie Mitchell

Learn how to make a simple macrame plant hanger with materials found around your home in a live-streamed workshop with Katie from By-Me. You’ll learn how to make a wrapped knot, create a basket shape to perfectly accommodate your pots and gain the confidence to continue on with other macramé projects. This workshop is hosted in partnership with Making Made Easy experts, Yodomo.

Get your materials ready in advance. You will need: 

  • 7 metres of cord (e.g. garden twine, piping cord, ribbon, leather cord, wool, anything you can tie a knot in!) which will be chopped up into 4 x 1.5m lengths and 2 x 50cm lengths
  • Scissors 
  • Tape measure or fabric measuring tape
  • Somewhere to hang and work on your plant hanger (e.g. back of a chair, tall clothes horse)
  • Optional: 1 x  S hook (so you can hang your macrame as your work on it)

Venue: Main Stage

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