Friday Night Roaring 20s Charleston Dance Ceilidh

Fiona Ring

Twenties Charleston is famous as one of the first dances women could do solo but its roots in America’s Deep South go back to the square dancing tradition. Fiona Ring's MyCharleston takes classic moves such as the Cake Walk, Stomps, and shuffles to make a group dance experience which works just like a Ceilidh. Fiona will quickly get you up to speed with the basic Charleston step, before being the queen of call of the moves for the set dances. Experience all the humor and energy of this classic dance set to the early jazz music of New Orleans. Want to dress up? Of course you can - it's Friday night at ALSO. Let's get this party started. This event has been so popular it is fully booked. Don’t worry though! Check in at info on the day to see if more space is available. 

Venue: The Barbara