End of Empires Banquet

The Also Festival Saturday night banquet is always the most memorable of the weekend. And this year is no exception as we offer an unforgettable night for anyone who loves immersive dining.  For one ethereal night at the height of  summer we will transport you on a stylish journey of food, fun and fabulousness as we present: ‘End of Empires.’ 

This innovative tasting menu, with accompanying wine and matching cocktails, celebrates our festival theme of 'Isle of Noises' with an exquisite menu designed by the Ibiza-based chef James Calvin Knight and Also Festival’s Head of Dining Rebecca Otero with room design by Judy Reaves Design.  

The End of Empires Banquet is a seven-course, incredible feast featuring the finest ingredients matched with a feast of the audio, visual and the theatric, and ending – of course – with our now legendary Pudding Procession. Celebrate your Saturday night with us at ALSO in style.

Saturday 19:00 | Dining Tent