Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Matt Harris & Spencer Hyman

Put your senses in to overdrive and join us for an amazing tasting experience of chocolate and wine brought to us from London based bean to bar chocolate company Cocoa Runners and the wonderful Planet of the Grapes.  Delicious single estate craft chocolate from all over the world will be matched with fine wines as you learn about flavour, taste, texture and mouthfeel. As Spencer says At this tasting, we’ll go under the hood of craft chocolate makers and their bars, looking in detail at the intricacies of cacao genetics, harvest, fermentation, vintages, and roasting, and examining how each stage of cacao production can affect the flavour of a bar. These chocolates will be paired with a number of Planet of the Grapes best wines to show you that dark chocolate and red wine really is a marriage made in heaven." As Planet of the Grapes Matt explains "two of life’s greatest pleasures under one roof - what’s not to like?"

Venue: Talks Tent