ALSO All Stars

If you can do the splits or a magic trick. If you can yodel, bogle or dance like a show girl. If you can do impressions or body percussion. If you can tell a joke, disappear in a  puff of smoke or rhyme and rap or ballet and tap. If you’re a poet or a singer or a talented bell ringer, an eloquent talker or a tight rope walker. If you can limbo, tango or peel a mango without using your hands - YOUR FESTIVAL NEEDS YOU.

Brand new for ALSO 2021, we invite YOU the talented, the courageous, those longing to be famous to grab your 1-3 minutes of fame on the Also Main Stage from 17.00 on Saturday night.

Open to all ages - with a prize for under 16s and a prize for over 16s.

To take part, register here:

Venue: Main Stage