Did you see our cover story? We like to think ALSO Festival puts the IQ in 'boutique festival' so were so pleased to see ALSO place right at the front of the UK’s best summer festivals 2019 in Guardian Travel

Lovely to see us featured in The Sunday Telegraph - especially as they really dug our 2019 reconnecting with nature theme. Red Bull noted we were among the best for tickling “your intellectual side” and forging “neural pathways in a field”. Rightly so!

Our excellent 2019 dining and experiences programme has put us in some incredible company with reviews in Foodism and in Glamour Magazine. We seem to be leading the way as a festival which encourages you to leave feeling better than when you arrived with Country and Town House choosing us for being best for nurturing mind and body, and DOSE as best for healthy hedonists.

Time Out really seemed to dig us doing things a little bit differently – and picked us as one of best festivals for that all important “devil in the detail”. Thanks, Time Out! We're so glad you noticed. 

And so finally we were so glad to read fashionable Grazia chose us as one of the hottest festivals you have to try for 2019 - ALSO “guarantees to leave you wiser and more curious about the world”. How right they are...we are of course being the home of #fascinatainment and #mindwilding. Get your tickets before they sell out - they said - and who are we to argue?