Big ideas are such a massive part of ALSO, we thought ALSO Digital would be a good chance to get us together with those with massive ideas for how we want to live post all this.

So our big ideas programme will be running from 9am - 2pm on the Saturday and 10am - 2:30pm on the Sunday.  We don't recommend trying to see everyone! We do recommend starting to think about who is unmissable for you. The sessions will be shorter and your questions will be incorporated into the talk:


On Saturday award-winning science writer, Gaia Vince will help us reflect on how the earth can evolve beyond the pandemic. Award-winning social geographer, Prof Danny Dorling has an ultimate guide to making the most of this slowdown. Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter will answer questions on ‘The Art of Statistics’ helping us to read the wealth of information currently (I know, we should invite the government). Psychologist and epidemiologist Dr Suzy Gage tours us through her extraordinary research into substance use and mental health. Award-winning business psychologist, Margaret Heffernan will explain how we can chart the future in such times of uncertainty and Lauren Bravo heads up the ‘fast fashion’ theme, making listeners look again at the industry of clothes. Plus - hear your very own ‘How to Stay Sane' guided mediation from Philippa Perry any time you like!


On Sunday, hear from the extraordinary Professor of Theoretical Physics from Trinity College at the University of Cambridge, David Tong as he invites us to turn our gaze to the farthest reaches of the skies as he presents: the best places in the universe for social distancing. Technology specialist, Gemma Milne explains how hype gets in the way of progress and exactly how it can be combated and discounted. The star of BBC's All in the Mind, Claudia Hammond invites us all to use this time to re-establish a positive relationship with rest and recovery. Alan Levinovitz, the James Madison University Professor, is at ALSO Digital to explain why arguments based on what is 'natural', in food, medicine, and society at large, are appeals to a false idol. Wonderful philosopher, Roman Krznaric is at ALSO to reveal the profound ways in which we can all learn to think long-term and become a good ancestor. And the brilliant Prof Julian Savulescu and Brian Earp explain the case for more research into "love drugs" and "anti-love drugs" exploring their ethical implications for individuals and society.

And don't miss our Book Club LIVE event at 7:30pm with Jackie Kay, the award-winning poet and national poet laureate of Scotland, and author, counsellor and nurse of thirty years, Janie Brown. Book Club LIVE is ALSO Digital's venture to invite us all to a Book Club with the author. So please join us for a Book Club LIVEstream...

Check out the full digital line-up.

Tickets are just £25 for the weekend and available here. We'd love to see you there! Fixed schedule goes out mid-week.