ALSO Festival leads the world in ideas based festivals and, this year, our talk sessions will revolve around big themes that seem to be in the ether.  We’ll be looking at ideas for re-establishing a new relationship with nature, showcasing ideas for the best of all possible worlds, discussing what do we want tech to do for us, how to build strong relationships and leaving plenty of room for sessions that just entertain!

Winging its way to your inbox later in the week will be our spine of clever, entertaining comedy, our line-up of new bands, artists and audio adventures, and our workshop ‘experiences’ which range far and wide in content, offering everyone the chance to ‘have a go.’

However tomorrow is not just a day away, it’s ALSO the last day of our last week of early bird tickets - so now is your last chance to grab those early birds for a weekend of fascinatainment.

We also offer the cheapest festival glamping with our beautiful Hippy Heights Hotel.