If you’re looking at how to structure your Saturday at ALSO, then take a look at ALSO’s ideas to get the most out of your day!

big talk or two. Our Saturday programming is immense. From nature-nurture and the brain with the incredible neuroscientist, Gina Rippon; to sheer wonderment of rainforests with leading international environmentalist, Tony Juniper. #mindwilding #fascinatainment and make the most of our intimate double talk area after the talks for those who want to go a bit further in to the subject. 

Choose a way to connect with nature – whether it’s a guided walkwild-swimmingflower crown workshop, wild reading… New research highlights that being in nature for social events is incredibly beneficial for our mental health - so please do make the most of being in this special landscape.

Take the chance of being away to do something new - the brain loves to do new things. We have lots of free (and some paid for) experiences, for all ages, so make the most of it. 

Indulge yourself! There’s a free non-alcoholic cocktail served deep in the ALSO forest, aromatherapy mist workshop, and a cocktail talk and for those who want to learn how to cook with a leading UK chef, the Getaria take over lunch

As we're no ordinary festival, we like to make an effort with our dress code on the Saturday night. So stop by our vintage glamour pop up and get your Saturday Night at ALSO look sorted - we’re hoping everyone will GO GLITTERY for Saturday night. With looks a-plenty - there's no excuse for sporting leisure wear.
And don't miss Saturday Night's Bucolic 5-course banquet hosted by renowned Clatter Club Secret Dining, an underground supper club led by Maverick chefs Rob Dant and Andrew Walker. Their menu takes inspiration from our 'Out of the Woods' festival theme and served at long tables in our gorgeous decorated dining tent, it really is the most magical way to eat on a summer's evening. What ever you do for Saturday night’s dinner - enjoy eating in nature. 

Be part of our Saturday night procession - it’s the one chance for the festival to come together, and we have the traditional marshmallows! 
For late night dancing, head to our much loved Disco Bunker made of straw - and don’t forget to bring your roller skates, we have a pop-up roller disco at ALSO only for the Saturday night.
PS. Want to know what’s on when, take a look at our ALSO day-by-day.