We celebrate Dr Michael Brooks' revolutionary book The Quantum Astrologer's Handbook by exploring he relationship between astrology and physics in food as we present Far Out: Friday nights’ Astrological Dining Experience. Enjoy a delicious journey from the outer reaches of the solar system to the sun. Chef Fred Dickieson has developed a 10-course out-of-this-world canapé menu (8 are vegetarian) to represent each celestial body we encounter on our journey. ‘Far Out’ is also a truly immersive experience accompanied by projections and a live soundtrack of the planets by classical pianist and cross modalist Chris Lian Lloyd who will ensure the music enhances each mouthful. Meet for a welcome cocktail in the bookshop at 10:30pm. The menu is below:

The Menu

Sun A shower of golden, living light
Toasted brioche base; salad of spiced sweetcorn, saffron, turmeric honey, orange zest. Edible gold spray

Moon Silvered and contained comfort
Vol au vent; wild mushroom cream tarragon & sage

Mercury Mercurial, disruptive wit
Sazerac Salmon Ceviche; ohba, cucumber & scorched air

Venus The feminine embodiment of growth and renewal
Little gem leaf mounded with all the greens; both deep and bright. Bound with a kale, honey and lime emulsion

Mars a vivid eruption of reds for the victorious warrior
Raw red pepper; harissa’d beetroot, seared & slashed fillet of beef or tuna

Jupiter An exotic and jovial twist on the classic
Multilayered sushi roll of saffron rice, roasted pepper & spiced bound aubergine. With razored rhubarb

Saturn a conventional; yet hardly austere, cheese on toast
Dark rye, cream cheese triangles with black lentils bound with black roe. Amaranth

Uranus An interplanetary granita
Blue Curaçao granita

Neptune how could we have Neptune without oceanic daydreaming?
An umami, laverbread muffin; cucumber & sea vegetable salad

Pluto Farthest reaches of our galaxy, darkness & richness
Red chicory; chipotle black rice, pickled red cabbage. Pomegranate.

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