ALSO is all about trying something new, getting involved with ideas by trying them, and we invite, encourage, entreat you to open your mind, get moving and engage all your senses through the experience of doing.

For those of you who haven't ALSO'd before, there are many experiences to choose from and range from costing little to nothing to encourage participation, to unique opportunities to work with highly skilled practitioners that we have invited into the field. This summer, our programme is broad and wild...

Challenge yourself. We bring biologist Caroline Williams' excellent research to life with many ways you can MOVE your body. Why not try as many as you can? With expert movement coach Ben Medder, the roaring 20s Charleston Ceilidh with Fiona Ring, commit to a cold water swim with champion ice swimmer Caroline Saxon, or set an intention to join the morning ALSO Running Club - after so much time inside there will be many, many opportunities to move.

Contemplate inner and outer worlds. Tour the ALSO forest with tree expert Paul Wood, or the universe and inner workings of CERN with physicist David Tong. Our in-festival perfumer Sarah McCartney leads a guided visualisation with perfume and scented yoga. Explore our lake with an expertly guided swim.

Create to your heart's content. Making Made Easy experts Yodomo will be leading a series of workshops at ALSO 2021 including - create your own handstitched notebook with Hanbury Press, master the art of repair in a Kintsugi Masterclass with Studio Ranj, give old objects a striking animal-print and botanical-inspired makeover with artist Sandy Di Yu, join a restorative wild drawing workshop on the Saturday or Sunday with artist Isabella Mitchell. These expert workshops are open for booking now - through the site.

Take your tastebuds on a trip. Treat yourself to a Spanish tapas workshop, or a make your own dumplings masterclass. Experience chocolate, wine, whisky on the next level in specialist tastings and workshops - our food programming will open for booking from mid-May.

Keep the kids running wild. Playbox are offering theatre workshops inspired by The Jungle Book. The Brothers McLeod are calling all wannabe knights to create their own tales. Saplings are arranging a scavenger hunt. Learn to code with robots - and without screens, or learn to clown around with professional clown Alexis Dubus.

The pre-bookable Yodomo workshops are very limited in numbers and are now open for booking for those who want to commit in advance to a new experience, many more will open for booking over the next month, many you can decide to join on the day, more events are added right up until we are go - so it's all a case of how organised you like to be. The choice, as they say, is yours.

With love,
The ALSO Team

PS. Don't already have a ticket for ALSO 21? Why not? Get yours here.  Did you see our incredible music line-up announced last week, find it here.