Coming to DigitALSO? Join us for Book Club LIVE - ALSO Digital's venture to invite us all to a Book Club with the author. 

On Sunday 17th May at 8:30pm, we’re so pleased to be joined for a Book Club LIVEstream with Jackie Kay, the award-winning poet and national poet laureate of Scotland, and author, counsellor and nurse of thirty years, Janie Brown

Together they’ll be discussing a new way of approaching how to live by considering the end of our lives through Janie's brilliant new book, Radical Acts of Love. How We Find Hope at the End of Life. In this profound and moving digital Salon, Janie will discuss with Jackie twenty conversations that have reoccurred during her career as a nurse, each one offering insight into one of the most important but least-discussed experiences of our lives. 

This Salon will be “hugely life-affirming” says Jackie Kay, “it will make you think not just of how you might want to approach death, but of how you might want to live. These conversations from the heart of dying are bold, gracious, often witty and full of love. They accompany you in the dark. Then they let the light in.”

We’d love to see you there. Tickets to ALSO Digital are just £25 and give you access to the whole weekend.