Ideas run rampant through ALSO’s programme and our beautiful setting is there to help you clear your head, relax your body and prepare yourself to absorb the more complex issues by day, the more whimsical by night, including... 

Hear from Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter, OBE, FRS, respected British statistician and voice of reason for many during the pandemic takes to the stage to help us understand the last year in statistics, and show us how we can learn from numbers in the future. 

Exclusive for ALSO21, Professor David Tong takes us on an extraordinary journey into the farthest reaches of the solar system. He will also deliver his energetic 45-minute guide to particle physics. Far out! 

Leading philosopher Roman Krznaric helps us understand how to think very long-term and nurture the many generations that come after us.

Melanie Challenger explores the idea that we struggle psychologically with thinking of ourselves as animals and why for the sake of all of us that share this planet how to get back in touch with our animal nature.

'If a thing loves, it is infinite.' Celebrate what one artist can do in a lifetime with an immersive exploration of William Blake's work, philosophy and imagination in a beautiful setting with writer, novelist, journalist and cultural historian John Higgs

Rock star classicist Natalie Haynes will help us understand the most loved and misunderstood mythological figures and creatures. Gods, goddesses and gorgons will feature in the award-winning novelist's tour of the ancient world so feel free to dress accordingly.

We explore the growth in popularity of CBD. Can legal cannabis oIl help us with anxiety, depression and insomnia? Internationally-recognised expert Dr Dani Gordon takes us on an entertaining and enlightening journey, cutting through the hype and dispelling the myths.

Millennial? Boomer? Gen Xer? Bored by the tired cliches about you and your tribe? Too right. Ahead of the publication of his new book, polling expert and professor of public policy, Bobby Duffy is at ALSO to explain how generations change and why? 

Zeitgeisty, bestselling author of the award-winning Animals and now After the Storm Emma Jane Unsworth talks about creativity, motherhood and depression and shows us how to be simultaneously brave and hilarious. 

Zoologist and University of Cambridge animal communication and wolf expert Dr Arik Kershenbaum talks to us about the ways animals communicate, why and how they do so and what this might mean for extraterrestrial life. 

Be part of our highly immersive session MOVE - the new science of body over mind from biologist and consultant to the New Scientist Caroline Williams, and her superb case for movement in our lives, and if there's ever been a year to reassess our relationship with movement this it! 

And you won’t want to miss Salena Godden, one of Britain's best-loved poets and performers, on the ALSO stage with her life-affirming fire-starter of a novel, Mrs Death Misses Death.

Hope to see you in the field..

With love,
The ALSO Team

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