ALSO is the home of #mindwilding - the action of effortlessly getting ideas into your head to join up with other ideas. All you have to do is decide what to see, we will do the rest.

Reflect on the big festival theme 'Out of the Woods' with the award-winning, Reith Lecture delivering historian Margaret MacMillan; understand the intricate bias in AI from industry expert and UCL fellow, Robert E Smith; grapple with the untold story of rocketing in to space with Sue Nelson - and nature-nurture and the brain with the incredible neuroscientist, Gina Rippon

We have ALSO programmed around a number of questions 'what is the best of all possible worlds?' - hear the celebrated UCL based paleoclimatologist, Mark Maslin explore the many ways (including Extinction Rebellion) we can harness our power for climate change; understand how fake news is edging in to science with the brilliant science writer, Angela Saini; and don’t miss Drug Wars by the undercover cop Neil Woods for its fascinating expose of what happened the last time America was able to dictate policy to the UK. 

'How to have strong positive psychological relationships?' is another theme for 2019 - don’t miss the best selling author and psychotherapist, Philippa Perryon her brand new take on how to build strong and meaningful family relationships. Robin Ince takes us up close and personal with his new psychological show, and book on a new experience to bond with those you're with, or to form bonds anew. 

Want to know 'how to reset your relationship with nature?' Us too - don’t miss leading international environmentalist, Tony Juniper and his talk on the sheer wonderment of rainforests. Take yourself off on a self-guided forest bathing tour or join a guided one on Sunday. And take your new calm to a session with David Lindo the Urban Birder, or book on a nature swim - all designed to reintegrate nature into the heart of our lives. 

Struggling with what a realistic relationship with tech looks like? Well, we have Wired Editor, Victoria Turk to reframe our need for and use of the digital world. The University of Oxford’s Chief Computer Scientist, Michael Wooldridge will help us see computers for what they are and Transmission Prize winners 2019 Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller look at democracy and technology in 2019.

And we are of course the home of #fascinatainment - Natalie Haynes brings her brand new show, Troy Story to the main stage, don’t miss our Saturday and Sunday Papers LIVE, and our NEW late night review. And if you're in-festival Friday at 7pm, we'll be performing 'Gigantic' a show which talks through all the talks in advance so you can decide who you want to see and why.