So, we know some of you like to plan your weekend at ALSO a lot. Others like to plan their weekend a bit, and yet others like to be free like the wind to decide what to do when the mood takes them. We welcome all approaches at ALSO so to help, here for the very first time, we're excitedly putting up our working schedule so you can see how the days are likely to look.
We send it with a lot of love and a fairly hefty caveat that, of course, some things will change but, if they do, it's because of things beyond our control. This will, however, show you the rough shape, range and beauty of ALSO19!
For more info on 'How To ALSO' there's more info on our blog - but the headline is that there's A LOT to do but if you want to plan - a balanced ALSO day could be a few talks, a couple of experiences/workshops, a walk or two, a 'get involved' moment and a food event to get the most out of your day, the festival, the site and your time with us.