Get along to the UK's first socially distanced, digitally blended ALSO in 50 acres of lakeside parkland over the last weekend in August. We'll be getting you together with plenty of ideas for what to put back in your life post lockdown from brilliant speakers. All shown on a massive screen so you're able to watch socially distanced. 

Yes, we have old friends to entertain and illuminate and new favourites to help us consider the big questions of how to spend your life - with for once plenty of time and space to consider the way you live and the way you might want to live.  Consider The Art of Rest with psychologist Claudia Hammond (and we’re going deep into a bookable session on how to use music to help rest - check the website for more details on all our sessions) - understand the big puzzle that is flummoxing the leading physicists in the world at the moment with Prof David Tong (who is also putting together a visual playlist of the most beautiful images of the universe to post dusk on our outdoor stage). Prof Danny Dorling has ALL the graphs to help us understand what we’ve just been through and what is coming at us and what that’s ok. ALSO’s Northern Star Margaret Heffernan is beaming in from Berlin to answer the big questions of life, Sunday morning. Sunday Times Bestselling author Philippa Perry and the 'Nation’s Muse' Natalie Haynes are coming together to solve any dilemmas you might have by drawing on their unique areas of expertise, and we are the first to hear about Women in Greek Myth - Natalie’s brand new book in a world exclusive, and geneticist Adam Rutherford will be equipping us with the skills we need to Argue with a Racist, and Dr Dani Gordon explains how CBD could transform our health and mental health. Author Tim Finch brings the interesting fiction with 'Peace Talks.

We’re going deep on clothes - it’s the easiest thing in our lives to change to both protect the planet and the fashion industry - and our feelings about not doing enough environmentally - we all wear clothes - we can all make a difference. So don't miss Lauren Bravo on how to rethink what you buy and a bookable session (time to take a look round our website) for those who take fashion seriously with Lauren and fashion designer and writer Sophie Lewis.

We'll provide the social distant squares for you to watch the big talks from and our double talks and workshops can be booked on. Booking is open and the schedule is on its way. Most are free but all (except wild swimming) need booking on for social distancing.

We build year on year on our love of trees and the benefits of being in the fresh air - this is a huge year for this theme and we have many, many ways of doing something different in the country. Top tip - don't miss one of the UK's authorities on trees - author Paul Wood for his specially curated tree walk for ALSO Social. Belissima.

It’s really is the year to make the most of having a place in the country. 

It's also a great year for glamping. Our prices are really, really reasonable - but for complex reasons including sheep we will have to close booking very soon, so last call for glamping.

DING. DING. Our workshops are now open so take a look round our site. It's obviously a very different year this year so this is a great opportunity to use ALSO to try something new and to do something unusual. Just to reiterate all have to be booked in advance, the more you book this week the more time we have to add more but it won't be possible to book on-site. So get booking!

We are also having an A Place in the Country ART HAPPENING on Saturday evening with renowned arts and circus company CItrus Arts. Get involved - make a lantern to be part of the art - no matter what your age - the more people that can be involved in this the better.  You know the drill: get booking - I'm not going to say mandatory lantern workshops for all - but it would be great to get everyone involved in our very own Art Club.

We are having a Getaria DJ Picnic - Hampers to be ordered and to pick up from our in-festival deli. Be shown to your own socially distanced place in the country,  bring lights and blankets and make your place in the country your own for an aperito picnic. Rebecca Otero is working on bringing that to life as I type.

As there is so much messaging and so little time please join us for our Ask Us Anything* Zoom call on 11th August at 8pm where we can answer your questions.