At Also Festival we revel in providing you, our festival-goers, with the best in nourishment & sustenance. This year is no exception, with a tantalising array of food-focused offerings, from gin to breadmaking workshops, foraging walks and food-focused talks.

Summer Sourdough school - Real bread, wild bread, proper wholesome daily bread. Join Jess and Liz from Wild Fermentary Workshops to discover the secrets to a long-fermented, traditionally handcrafted loaf. The future of food is slow, sustainable and back to basics. Get real with real bread. Includes a jar of starter culture to take away, a delicious loaf to enjoy over the weekend, and a recipe for sourdough bread. More info...

Chocolate Tasting with Cocoa Runners Who doesn't love chocolate. Taste ten different craft chocolates from around the world explore different flavours, tastes, textures and astringency. Unwrap the stories behind each of the bars whilst exploring the background of the Craft Chocolate Revolution. You’ll learn how to read a label and what makes Craft Chocolate taste better, better for you, better for the farmers, and better for the planet.  More info...

Summer picnic soiree by the lake stage.  We have a selection of feasting picnics, sourced by our friends at Brindisa, lovingly put together by our ALSO Deli, it is elegant. Delicious food for lounging on a blanket with friends and family, drinking a bottle of wine, whilst you enjoy a performance against the backdrop of our serene lily-filled lake. We recommend bringing blankets, cushions, electric tea lights, lanterns a table with candelabra's if you like - it's up to you - and our hostess with the mostess will show you to your own socially distanced place in the country for a relaxing lakeside picnic lunch.

As well as all our charming street food vendors including Buffalo Ice Cream, Red Banger, Pizza Love and Stop the Press Coffee, this year we introduce our ALSO Deli,  where you'll find local farm-fresh supplies. Fine wines, pastries, fruit & veg, local cheese, hams, dips, all you might need to get you through the weekend. And in our Local Farm Produce selection packs, with your weekend essentials, we have provided you with an easy one-stop-shop. Be sure to pre-order yours before 21st August, ready to collect onsite at the ALSO Deli from 4pm on Friday.

And most importantly, we have a wonderful array of booze. Why not be-GIN your Saturday night with our handcrafted gin experience with loveable Cornishman Dan Abbots and Shakespeare Gin Distillery?

Rum Shack, baby Rum Shack, is back - the late-night hideaway bar where good tunes and rum cocktails rule!

In a cheeky wine workshop, we'll be uncorking some corkers  - white, red, rose, and sparkling - whilst trying to get you to love and appreciate our favourite summer plonks and a chance to pick up half a case to take home to make the summer last a little bit longer.