As promised in our last missive concerning ALSO and the Coronavirus, we've been keeping a beady eye on Worldometers, listening to every official pronouncement and reading anything written by an actual epidemiologist, to try to formulate a plan for ALSO this year. It's become apparent (as you've probably guessed already) that ALSO in early July is unlikely to be a goer. 

So, we are offering you the following:

1. ALSO 2020 - 28th - 31st August. A postponed date combined with current numbers mean we can deliver the festival more or less as planned. The same beautiful venue, top flight speakers, new bands, audio adventures, intelligent comedy and experimental food, enjoyed in the latter part of summer. We understand that circumstances may change and again force us to alter our plans, but we think this is the best chance we have of giving you some fun outdoors this year.

2. ALSO Digital - 15th - 17th May 2020. As a thank you for sticking with us through the uncertainty, we're producing a virtual ALSO in May, to help you through (what we hope will be) the tail-end of full-on lockdown. 40 eclectic events, from science, literature and psychology, to yoga, cabaret and the disco bunker (yes, really). It will be as much ALSO as we can squeeze down a fibre-optic cable and we're actually quite excited about it. Details on the line-up are here.

To our ticket purchasers, we really hope you can make it in August and that the digital offering helps you through your period of incarceration. For those who, for whatever reason, can't, you can either roll your ticket over to ALSO 2021 at the price you've paid or, if that doesn't work for you, we can offer a refund.

ALSO is a non-profit organisation run with a lot of dedication and unpaid time from the organisers and a huge number of volunteers. In common with many small businesses, the lockdown puts us in an extremely precarious financial situation. If you can't make the August dates, you would be helping us enormously by rolling your tickets over to next year. Equally, we appreciate that you may be facing your own financial predicament, in which case we totally understand if you require a refund.

If you're trying to contact us - please bear with us if you don't get an immediate response. We will get back to you.