The ALSO Festival programme contains many fascinating and entertaining ideas and talks for you to enjoy. We're the place where guests of all ages come for new experiences that life often doesn't allow time to explore. Our programme of workshops and experiences is designed to help formulate new ways of spending our time on this precious, precarious planet, and we are proud to say that, after a lot of tapping at screens, our programme is now LIVE.

Many are free and are designed to be joined on the day, some have limited capacity and need to be booked in advance, some have a fee to cover doing what we’re doing in the field and some are highly specialised. There's no need to add anything to your weekend – there's plenty to do in the standard programme – but, if you want to enhance your time with us, why not? It's the perfect place to do something different and everything is done better in nature. Everything!

So if you want to try out a new skill, do something celebratory with your gang or bond over some new experience together, take a look at what we've got going on across our nine venues.

We’ll be aiming to get a day-by-day schedule on the site by the end of May, but booking is now open for the things you just know you'll want to do.

Because where would we be without experience,

All at ALSO