Ideas run rampant through ALSO’s programme and our beautiful setting is there to help you clear your head, relax your body and prepare yourself to absorb the more complex issues by day, the more whimsical by night.

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New bands, up-and-coming acts and audio adventures, music on ALSO’s main stage is all about discovery. For those here to party, the Rum Shack DJs spin afternoon into evening, with dancing and cocktails by the lake then on to the Bunker till the early hours. Away from the madness, the lake stage plays host to the spiritual and the sublime.

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ALSO is packed with LOLs: in the form of workshops, improv, topical discussions and site-specific pieces, plus exciting new work from seasoned performers, wild late-night cabaret, courtesy of festival favourite Marcel Lucont and our new woodland comedy stage where you can feast on frivolity to accompany the big ideas of the weekend.

Don't dither, come hither


We’re already taking bookings for Saturday’s picnic - set in the dappled shade by the water’s edge, accompanied by a string orchestra - as well as our always-a-party Balearic Brunch paella on Sunday. We work creatively with fabulous local suppliers, ones who take the best care of their produce and who, like us, are all about sustainability.

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ALSO is all-about trying something new – be it contemplative, creative or challenging. From tree walks to chocolate & whisky matching, open water swimming to building huge animal lanterns, many cost little to nothing to encourage participation. Come and have a go.

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Wellness is movement and movement is wellness. Will you run 5k on a hangover? Is this the year for a cold water swim? Could you join the group cycling from Oxford to the festival? Wellness is mental, too, so there’s a safe space in the woods where we talk about the things we don’t talk about.

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The Theme (You Animal!)

Curious, clever & creative, our academics, authors and experts are the spine of ALSO and this year they’re exploring how animals can teach us to live, understand place, reset our Circadian rhythms and discover our mythological spirit - plus everyone looks good in bunny ears, right?


Get involved! Don’t get involved! Take it easy! Go nuts! ALSO allows you to curate your own experience, time stretches or drifts. There’s so much space, you can make the place your home for the weekend and bring as much as you need to do that. No car? We have the best prices for glamping and there’s a hotel next door for those who don’t want to camp.