The Peaceful Ones

30 Years of DiY

As part of the legendary DJ team, Digs and Woosh, Pete Woosh cut his teeth at the legendary DiY free parties and club nights and their weekly Serve Chilled pirate radio show. As DiY established an international reputation, Digs and Woosh guested at many iconic nightspots and helped to shape the identiable DiY sound. Producing a bewildering number of tunes and remixes, they kept in true to their roots by playing at a vast range of free parties and festivals, always promoting the unspoken DiY ideology of liberation through music.  Diagnosed with cancer in 2015, he decided to ‘kill off’ his long term alter ego Pete Woosh and become The Peaceful Ones. Taking a natural and holistic approach to his illness he is currently working on his Spirit Wrestlers project, a not for profit label designed to raise awareness and funds for natural healing networks supporting people living with cancer. 

Venue: Lake Stage