Getaria Pintxo Time


Tortilla patata, Boquerones, Gordal Olives.

Pardon peppers with rock salt.

Patata bravas & homemade Alioli

Flatbread with grilled chorizo

Flatbread and zatar.                 

Hoummous & crudité.                            

Embutido PLATE: jamon & chorizo, manchego cheese, guindillas and membrillo. 

MEZZE PLATE: Spiced lentils, Hoummous, crudites, Beetroot salad, guindillas  on flatbread with zatar.

FRIDAY & Sunday Tapas offer: grilled chorizo/grilled veg/patatas bravas, piquillo peppers and rocket served in flatbread, with padron peppers served over looking the lake with a glass of house wine. Ole!

Venue: Getaria